Jack Nicklaus Endorses VetIQ

The Nicklaus Family

Most people know Jack Nicklaus as the Golden Bear of golf. He’s been named “Golfer of the Century” and “Golfer of the Millennium” by almost every major golf publication, as well as “Individual Male Athlete of the 20th Century” by Sports Illustrated.  Jack was decorated with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom— an impressive accolade for a sports icon.  In the game of golf and beyond, his name is associated with excellence.

What many people don’t know about Jack is that he and his family are dog lovers.  Jack and his wife Barbara are careful about who they trust with their pets’ care, so the Nicklaus family endorsement of VetIQ™ is special.  These VetIQ™ products include VetGuard Plus® flea and tick control, Pill Treats, Hip & Joint, Vitamin Chews, Skin & Coat, and Minties® Dental Treats and more.

History of Nicklaus Dogs

VetIQ™ was pleased to meet with Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, along with their dog Bunker, at their home in North Palm Beach, Florida.  It was immediately clear that Bunker is an important part of the Nicklaus family. Bunker is a Labradoodle, who became theirs after he was introduced to Jack at a Texas fundraiser to raise money for The First Tee.  Jack and Barbara couldn’t resist taking the dog back with them to Florida.  It was a bit of destiny since Bunker was named before meeting Jack.  From the start, dog and family have a special bond. Bunker is very affectionate, and will wave his paw “goodbye” to departing visitors.

Before Bunker, the Nicklaus family had a storied and deep-rooted affection for dogs.  Perhaps the most entertaining circumstance surrounding a new addition to the family came when Jack was playing at Inverrary in Florida in 1973.  It was a round with President Ford, and legendary actors Jackie Gleason and Bob Hope.  Jack and Barbara were having dinner at the Gleason home when President Ford mentioned that his famous Golden Retriever, Liberty, was having puppies.  He offered one to the Nicklaus family, at which time Barbara quickly responded, “Oh my gosh!  I love Goldens and would love to have a Golden.”  Until that point, Barbara had preferred lapdogs, despite her husband’s failed attempts to add a large dog to the family.  On the way home, Barbara confessed:  “Jack, if the President of the United States had offered me a snake, I would have taken it.”  That started an almost 40 year run of five Golden Retrievers, the last being Cali, a beautiful Golden from the same kennel that produced former President Ford’s Golden. When Cali was asked, “How many Masters Tournaments has Jack won?” – she would bark six times.  Smart girl!

VetIQ™ Endorsement

The strong relationship between pet and “pet parents” is evident.  Before endorsing VetGuard Plus®, Jack and Barbara consulted with Bunker’s veterinarian, Dr. Laura Grigsby, who carefully reviewed the ingredients and recommended the product as an effective way of killing, preventing and repelling fleas, ticks and other labeled pests.  The Nicklauses have been pleased with the results and have endorsed VetGuard Plus® and other VetIQ™ products as quality products offered at a price everyday Americans can afford.

VetIQ™ is proud to have earned the Nicklaus family’s trust and we’d like to earn yours too.  We hope you’ll explore our websites to learn more about the VetIQ™ family of products, which include VetGuard Plus® flea & tick control, Pill Treats, Hip & Joint, Vitamin Chews, Skin & Coat, and Minties® Dental Treats.  To help you save on your next purchase, you can download a value coupon from the VetIQ™ Facebook page, redeemable at dozens of retailers nationwide including Walmart, Kroger, Kmart and others.  Click here for a coupon.