Treats & Supplements

Images: VetGuard for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs product packaging

Vet Recommended Hip & Joint Soft Chews

Vet IQ Hip & Joint helps promote total joint health.  It’s made in the USA with a vet recommended, triple action formula to help support joint cartilage, help lubricate joints and help strengthen muscles around the joints.

Glucosamine has been shown to help rebuild protective joint cartilage.  Creatine aids in strengthening muscles around the joint and promotes vitality.  And omega-3 from fish oil helps lubricate sore joints.

Dogs love them, and because it’s a product from VetIQ, you’ll know it provides vet recomended quality at savings to you.  So help restore your dog’s freedom with Hip & Joint from VetIQ!

Learn more at vetiqhipandjoint.com.

Images: VetGuard for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs product packaging

Vet Recommended Multivitamin and Mineral Soft Chews

Even the best dog food may fail to satisfy all of your dog’s nutritional needs.  Vitamin Chews from VetIQ can help fill nutritional gaps with 19 important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  VetIQ Vitamin Chews are made in the USA, with a vet recommended formula to help promote your dog’s overall health, help support stronger bones and teeth, and help increase vitality.

Dogs love the tasty soft chews, and because it’s a product from VetIQ, you can be confident that it provides vet grade quality at a value to you.  Finally, there’s an affordable, nutritious chewable your dog will love.  Try Vitamin Chews from VetIQ today!

Learn more at vitamin-chew.com.

VetIQ Pill Treats

Pill Delivery Treats Dogs Love

Getting your pet to take pills can be a chore!  Pill Treats from VetIQ are a smart solution.  VetIQ Pill Treats are fortified with vet recommended ingredients made in the USA.  Each pill treat has a built-in pill tube so that it’s easy to hide a tablet or capsule.  Delighted by the savory bacon flavor, pets don’t notice the medication inside.  And down it goes.  Pill Treats are also a great training treat.  So, instead of it being a chore, you can give your dog medication and supplements the smart, easy and fun way with VetIQ Pill Treats.

Learn more at pill-treats.com.

Images: Minties Bones

Vet Recommended Dental Treats

There are a lot of dental treats to choose from for dogs, but when it
comes to finding a complete oral health solution your dog will love,
there’s nothing like Minties.   Minties have a vet recommended, triple action
formula that helps clean teeth, promote fresh breath, and helps control
plaque and tartar.  And because it’s from VetIQ, you’ll know that it’s a
vet recomended quality product at savings to you.

Learn more at mintiesbones.com.

Images: VetIQ Skin and Coat

Vet Recommended Skin & Coat Protection

Skin irritation and a dull coat can come from several factors including poor nutrition, sun exposure and general wear & tear.

You want your dog to look and feel its best.  VetIQ Skin & Coat helps promote your pet’s skin and coat health from the inside-out.  Each delicious soft chew provides omega-3s from fish oil, along with other nutrients to help soften your dog’s coat, help protect it from oxidative damage and leave it looking smooth and shiny.

And because it’s from VetIQ, you’ll know you’re getting a vet recommended product made in the USA at savings to you.  Keep your dog looking and feeling great with VetIQ Skin & Coat.

Learn more at VetiqSkinAndCoat.com.