Pet Care Tracker App

Tracking your pet’s medical history just got easier.

With the new VetIQ Pet Care Tracker App, you can access your pet’s vaccination and medical history from any computer. You can also set reminders to help you track your pet’s next VetIQ product application. Create an account now. It’s FREE and easy to do!

Add Pets to Your Account


You’ll be asked for your pet’s name, gender, breed, and other information. Enter information for multiple pets, if needed, and keep all their medical history in one place. If you’d like, you can even personalize your pet’s information by adding their picture.

Track Expenses

Enter new purchases and easily view your financial history with our tracker app. Average monthly totals, as well as year-to-date and lifetime totals, will also be available.

Monitor VetIQ Product Applications

Receive email notifications to track current and upcoming applications, as well as view and print an application history.

Record Vaccinations

Enter new vaccinations, manage specific vaccinations, and print a vaccination history for all of your pets.

Go Mobile

Coming soon! VetIQ will offer a FREE mobile app, allowing you even more immediate access to your account. Through your smart phone or other portable media device, your pet’s medical history will be at your fingertips–wherever you go.

Sign up today for the VetIQ Pet Care Tracker App and keep current on your pet’s medical history!