10 Cute Puppy Pictures That Will Totally Make Your Day

The week following a long holiday weekend is a struggle. Everyone’s feeling a little “less than.” Kinda want to go back to bed? Yeah, we feel it too. Here’s something to brighten your day and help you power through the week—cute puppies! These adorable pups will perk you up and put a smile on your face in no time.

10 Cute Puppies To Get You Through The Day

#10 This Little Princess Who Just Got Oh So Tired

puppy dressed as a princess

Being so cute and fuzzy is hard work. This little cutie pie just got so tired she fell asleep mid-reign. Shhh…don’t wake her.

#9 These Uber Wrinkly Best Friends

wrinkly bulldog puppies

Can you even handle it? The droopy faces, potbellies, the wrinkles, the wrinkles that have wrinkles… It’s almost too much.

#8 This Tender Moment With Mom

tiny puppy with mother dog

1, 2, 3…”awww!” Hard to believe that our little ones are ever that tiny, isn’t it? This sweet moment between mom and baby is enough to melt all your troubles away.

#7 Nap Time

dachshund puppy under the covers

This little Dachshund is tucked in just like a person. We can feel our hearts skipping a beat. Wonder what he’s dreaming about…

#6 This Little Guy Who’s Just Saying Hi

puppy waving hello and smiling

Wave! Hey little guy! This sweet pup’s jolly smile and little paw wave makes the day’s stresses that much more bearable.

#5 The Teensiest Little Guy

super tiny chihuahua puppy

There’s just something about a tiny baby that makes you have all the feels. This puppy is pure love that fits in the palm of your hand.

#4 Professor Jowly Face

mastiff puppy dressed up like a teacher

Don’t you just want to squeeze him? Or learn about quantum physics…we’re not sure. But either way we think it would be distracted to have a teacher who is just so adorable.

#3 Part Puppy, Part Teddy Bear, 100% Cute

pomeranian puppy looking at camera

This Pomeranian cutie could easily be mistaken for a teddy bear, and we’re totally okay with that. Just look at those eyes!

#2 This Daydreamer

bulldog puppy lying in grass

Hey there little guy…whatcha thinkin’ about? Maybe he’s thinking about how cute his forehead wrinkles and floppy ears are. Or where he left his tennis ball. Either way, he’s just precious.

#1 Deflategate

pug puppy sleeping with tongue out

Oops! Someone let the air out of this Pug, and he went flat. One shake of the treat bag and we’re sure he’ll perk right up again.

Count up how many times you smiled while looking at these puppies, multiply that by the square root of cute, and that’s how many times happier you should be today. Spread the love around and share these sweet faces with anyone you want to cheer up!

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