10 Dogs Who Are Smarter Than You

We love our dogs, and there’s no question that there are some really smart ones out there. Yes, some dogs are smarter than others. Some dogs are evil geniuses with furry coats and wagging tails, getting away with mischief that would make it hard to love them if they weren’t so darn cute. And other dogs…well let’s just be glad they’re really sweet, right? Here are 10 very special dogs who fall into the genius category. They might even make you scratch your head and say “are you sure you’re just a dog?”

#1. Laci the Spelling Dog

Laci not only knows the word bath, she can spell it too. Clearly she is not fond of the bathing ritual, and has caught on to her owner’s feeble attempt at hiding behind spelling to get her into the tub. Sounds like Laci’s owner needs a thesaurus!

#2. Frisbee Dog

This brainy pup just wants to go play a game of Frisbee, but watch what he does when his owner has a few pre-game steps for him.

#3. Lakoo the Corgi

Lakoo the Corgi has mastered the cup game. He not only finds his treat, he sits and behaves better than the average toddler.

#4. This Shoplifter

This Husky mix found his way into a grocery store, stole a rawhide treat, and walked right out. Not an ounce of guilt from this guy! He kept his cool like a calculated criminal.

#5. Chicken Nugget Thief

We aren’t sure if someone trained their dog to do this (why would you?!), but this incredibly smart little dog has figured out how to treat himself to some tasty chicken nuggets. Mmm, tasty thievery.

#6. Dog Whisperer


It’s not what you think. This dog has been taught not only how to speak, but how to use his indoor voice. This is a pretty useful trick! Don’t you wish your dog knew this one?

#7. The Camera Shy Dog

By now you’ve probably seen at least one funny dog hidden camera video. The premise is simple enough: owner leaves hidden camera on, dog does hilarious thing, laughter ensues. But this dog is putting his paw down. No mom, you will not embarrass me on the internet!

#8. Jumpy the Skateboarding Dog

Not only can this dog skateboard, he does it better than you can. To be fair, this Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix has had training from one of Hollywood’s top stunt dog trainers. But we think his talents are pretty special, regardless!

#9. This Singing Babysitter

We’ve seen many dogs who are great with kids, but this Husky takes it to a whole new level. When the baby starts crying, the dog begins to “sing”. What’s incredible is that the baby seems to actually like it. How many dog treats per hour do you think this dog charges?

#10. This Pup Who Solves a Rubik’s Cube


Okay, maybe not really. But how cute is this puppy? And who has the patience for solving a Rubik’s cube anyway?!

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