3 Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month

Do you reward your dog for good behavior? The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) has designated January as National Train Your Dog Month in an effort to educate dog owners on how easy and important it is to train their furry friend.

The APDT’s website chock full of helpful tips and webinars on training. We’ve highlighted three topics here to get you started.

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Bye-Bye Anxiety

If you’re dog gets anxious when home alone, the “Separation Anxiety in Dogs” webinar is stock full of ways to ease panic in your pup. Take this tip to heart: those items, such as shoes, that you’re dog associates with you leaving? Wear or use them around the house (i.e. cook dinner in your high heels), so that your dog disassociates those items with you saying bye-bye.

Bathroom Break

Don’t let housetraining become a dirty word! The APDT has several resources to help, including a webinar and tip sheet. Did you know that odor removal is an essential part of housetraining? When your dog doesn’t quite make it outside, use a product specifically designed to remove the smell of pet odors, or it’s likely your dog may return to the spot in the future.

national dog training month dog train tips vetiq dog treats

Child Safety

It’s important to keep everyone safe and happy, so if you have kids, educate them about dogs. The free webinar, “Dog Safety: What to Teach Your Kids,” will make everyone in your family feel happier and safer around canines. Teach your kids how to be a “doggy detective” and decipher key body language signs to determine if a dog is friendly or if it doesn’t want to be approached.

January may be National Train Your Dog Month, but you can train your dog any day of the year. Whether it’s teaching your pup to not jump on visitors, or to pause before gobbling down his dinner, training a dog can make not only your life easier and happier, but your dog’s too!

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