3 Signs Your Dog Needs Dental Cleaning

3 Signs Your Dog Needs Dental CleaningWe all know that our dogs periodically need teeth cleaning treatments from a professional vet. But in the day-to-day life of pet parenting, it can be pretty hard to decide if your pup just has bad breath or if it’s time for a trip to the doggy dentist. At VetIQ, our mission is to make parenting a pet a little easier with our owner-approved line of premium pet health supplements – and if you’re wondering when it’s time to get your dog’s teeth cleaned, we can help.

How to Tell if Your Dog Needs a Teeth Cleaning

Unfortunately, dental disease is rampant among pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that some 80% of dogs and cats over 4 years of age have dental disease, and this disease can lead to discomfort and tooth loss just like it does with humans. But eliminating dental disease is possible – and it starts with recognizing the signs.

  • Bad Breath: While this may come as a shock, dogs aren’t actually supposed to have bad breath. Chronic bad breath is a sign that bacteria are building up on your dog’s teeth, and especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms, it likely means your pup has dental disease.
  • Tooth Stains: The visual appearance of your dog’s teeth can offer another clue. Does your pup have yellow or brownish stains on the back of the teeth or around the gumline? These are likely tartar deposits, and they’re a sure sign of dental problems.
  • Loose or Broken Teeth: While many people believe pets naturally lose teeth as they age, this isn’t the case. Tooth loss, broken teeth, or loose teeth are usually signs of dental disease and decay and should be taken as a red flag that means treatment is necessary.

These symptoms likely mean your dog is in need of dental cleaning, and if the dental disease has progressed enough, it may be wise to bring them into the vet for a professional cleaning. After getting your dog a professional teeth cleaning, you can start a dental care routine that helps prevent problems from developing in the first place – and VetIIQ can help.

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