5 Fun and Safe Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Christmas presents are a highlight for the whole family over the holiday season. When it comes time to unwrap Christmas gifts and celebrate with the family, your dogs will also love joining in on the family fun.

This season, give the holiday spirit to your furry family members with Christmas gifts for dogs they will love. From healthy to enjoyable, here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for dogs.

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Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Pets

Healthy Treats for Dogs

Dogs can’t have chocolate or Christmas sweets that pet parents enjoy, but they still love Christmas treats that are safe for dogs. Wrap up some of their favorite healthy jerky treats and dental treats for dogs to fill their doggy stockings. For gift boxes under the tree, a few bags of healthy dog treats or homemade “Christmas cookie” dog biscuits in easy-to-open gift boxes are fun to unwrap. Just make sure to put them away shortly after so your precious pups don’t eat them all at once.

Christmas Toys for Dogs

Christmas dog toys, such as stuffed Santa’s and reindeer, red and green ropes, or nylon toys, are always a holiday hit. Your local pet store or Wal-Mart is sure to have Christmas toys for pets in droves. For an extra special touch, wrap their new toys and place them under the tree alongside the whole family’s gifts. Your dogs, and your kids, will love unwrapping their presents together come Christmas morning. Just make sure to choose the right size toys for your little (or big) furry family members.

Personalized Dog Collars

What better way to show off your dog’s unique personality than a new dog collar and leash that represents their unique style and individuality? Have a regal and distinguished dog? A nice holiday plaid collar will make him look dapper. Is your home buzzing with a precocious pup? Bright colors and loud designs will match their quirkiness and curiosity. If you want to go above and beyond, get their name engraved on the new collar and leash for a personalized treat.

Warm and Cozy Dog Beds

Lounging around in cozy flannels and comfy blankets is one of the highlights of the season. Why not extend the luxuries to your canine companions this Christmas? A new bed or lounge cushion is perfect for winter nights by the fire.

A New Puppy For the Family

A new may be a big gift for the entire family, but it is also an extra special treat for any of your four-legged family members. If you have pets that love new animal friends and your family has prepared for a new puppy, Christmas can be the perfect time of year to introduce a new puppy to the household.

Whether you go for healthy dog treats and Christmas toys for dogs, or opt for bigger Christmas gifts, your dogs are bound to have a very merry Christmas with the entire family.

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