5 of the Greatest Big Game Commercials Featuring Dogs

Game Day is upon us. You know what that means? For some of you it means watching the two teams play for the big win. But, for many of us, it means watching the groundbreaking commercials. To be more specific, we are talking about all those hilarious, often tear-jerking, paw-tastic commercials that feature our favorite four-legged companions. So in honor of the biggest day in football, here are the best commercials featuring dogs.

budweiser commercial puppy bestbuds

Favorite Game Day Commercials Featuring Dogs

2015 Budweiser –  “Lost Dog” #BestBuds Commercial

Just try not to cry. We double dog dare you.


2015 Subaru – “Dog Tested Dog Approved” Commercial  

Looking at that poodle? Don’t even think about it.



2014 Budweiser – “Puppy Love” Commercial

Making a relationship between Clydesdales and a puppy look like the greatest friendship on earth.


2012 Skechers – “Go Run Mr. Quiggly!” Commercial

Watch Mr. Quiggly show he’s got the speed…and the rhythm.


2012 Volkswagen – “The Dog Strikes Back” Commercial 

Trying to track down your VW? May the force be with you.


2011 Doritos – “Pug Attack” Commercial

It’s the pug life. We’re just trying to live in it.

What is your favorite commercial from the Big Game over the years?


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