5 Instagrams that Show Dogs and Cats Can be BFFs

Who said cats and dogs can’t be friends? There’s plenty of Fidos and felines that have a best friend that is another species. Follow these five Instagram accounts to regain your faith in kindness, cuteness, and cuddles.

Unlikely Friends

Bailey, a Balinese, and his spunky bulldog friend, Zoe, live in a stylish San Francisco apartment with their owner, Lauren. You won’t only find adorable animal photos on this Instagram account, you might find some outfit inspiration as well with these two and their stylish matching ensembles.

Whispering sweet nothings all day long. #SweetFriends #Twins #BFF #UnlikelyFriends

A photo posted by 🐶 Miss Zoe & Mr Bailey 🐱 (@_unlikelyfriends_) on

Trusty Trio

Three is never a crowd when it comes to these two Huskies, Lilo and Infinity, and their feline pal, Rosie. Lilo adopted Roise as her own when the kitten was found as a stray at three weeks old, so it’s no wonder that Rosie might have picked up a few canine traits from her surrogate mother.

They were definitely quite the spectacle…😅🏄 #liloandrosie

A photo posted by Lilo, Infinity, & Rosie (@lilothehusky) on

Brothers from Another Mother

You might think these four furry siblings are actually related because they are both gray and white, but Paddington is a Shar-Pei, while the rest—Sailor, Butler, and London—are cats. The pets live with their owners in Tasmania, Australia, and get up to numerous hijinks that often involve hats and other fun accessories.

Who Rescued Who?

Bubba the Pitbull met his best new feline friend, Rue, when she was only six months old, and now the two are inseparable. The Instagram account dedicated to the charming companions features numerous short videos of the two wrestling, sleeping, and showing affection.

The More the Merrier

It’s a full house for the Boggs family. Kasey and Blake have adopted two Pit Bulls, a Rat Terrier Italian Greyhound mix, a Toy Fox Terrier, two ducks, and a cat! All seven animals are incredibly photogenic and can be seen playing tag together or exploring the great outdoors in matching bandanas.

Nemo and Dory socks for Sunday’s best 👌🏻

A photo posted by Roxy🔻Edith🔺Mia🔻Rose🔺Jake (@88kncorbett) on

Anyone who owns both a cat and a dog know that the two can get along, and there’s proof now thanks to social media. Don’t forget to follow along with these pet BFF escapades on Instagram!

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