5 Ways Pets Show Their Gratitude and Give Thanks

Some people may argue that pets don’t have the same ability as humans to express gratitude. While our dogs and other family pets may have a different way of expressing their love and appreciation, it is difficult to look into a smiling dog’s eyes and not feel his or her affections. Since this is the season of giving, where family and friends come together to reflect upon everything we appreciate, it is worth taking pause to notice the many ways our dogs express love and gratitude. They may not bark out a clear “thank you” but a pup’s actions speak louder than words.

Five of the Best Ways Dogs Show Gratitude and Appreciation

boy kissing dogs

Dogs Appreciate Even Small Acts of Kindness

Ever notice how the smallest little thing, from an unexpected dog treat to a belly rub, entices enough licking and tail wagging to knock you over? It does not matter if you give them a quick pat on the head or let them hop on the sofa to cuddle during prime time TV, their appreciation matches an actor during an Oscar winning speech.

Dogs Say Thank You With Hugs and Kisses

So maybe their hugs knock you off your feet and their kisses involve slobbering all over your face, the sentiment remains the same. Jumping hugs and licking your face with “kisses” is their way of saying thanks. What are they saying thank you for? See above! It may their breakfast, or the fact you called out their name with a smile, or simply just because the sun is out and they get to play.

Dogs Show Gratitude With Closeness

Whether it is following you everywhere, lying at your feet, or crawling beside you every chance they get, dogs like to be close to people they are thankful to have in their life. If your beloved pets want to be by your side (or even right on top of you) at all times, chances are they are trying to show you their love and affection.

Dogs Express Gratitude With Unconditional Love

Rich or poor, good hair day or bad, stylish clothes or rags, your dogs still love you. Whether you are happy or sad, do everything right or make mistakes, their love remains constant. This love is their way of showing gratitude towards their human companions. It is present on each daily walk, with every meal, and during each moment spent with their family. A dog’s ability to love unconditionally is a wonderful and unique expression of gratitude.

People may say thank you, or give a gift of appreciation, but our pet family barks out words we cannot translate. Luckily dogs, the true man’s-best-friend, are able to express gratitude in many other ways we can understand. Remembering these different ways dogs show gratitude can also help us remember to be thankful for our pets and show them appreciation during this holiday season of giving thanks.

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