April Showers Bring May Flowers: 4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Out of the Garden and Flower Beds

With April well under way, it’s time to start digging into the topic of plants and flowers. We all have heard the saying, “April showers, bring May flowers,” and it’s true.  As our flowers begin to bloom and our gardens begin to grow, some of our dogs have taken notice, and while they may have the best of intentions, their pawing and gnawing can wreak havoc on our plants. 

Keeping your pet out of the garden is no easy task, as their determination can far outweighs ours. Instead of feeling defeated, try using these helpful tricks below.


Create a Barrier

Block off the garden area with chicken wire or consider installing a fence. Chicken wire is flexible and can be easy to cut. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it will get the job done. If you are looking for something eye appealing, try creating a fence border. There are multiple types of fencing that you can use which can be found at your local home improvement store – from bamboo, mesh, wood, or steel.

Give your Dog Something to Do

Digging is oftentimes a sign of boredom in dogs. Having toys handy, taking your dog for walks, or playing a game of fetch will keep your dog occupied throughout the day and mentally stimulated preventing them from getting the urge to dig. Setting up a toy bin outside can also allow your dog to play with multiple toys so he doesn’t get bored easily!


Use Unfriendly Scents

A dog’s smell is about 1,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than a human, depending on the breed. With a nose like that, garden smells can be alluring! Dogs dislike the smell of chili pepper, citrus fruits, coffee grounds, and vinegar. By sprinkling a little in the garden or flower bed, your dog might just turn the other way. Before using this method, it is best to do your research and pick a safe scent that will not harm your pet.

Make a Dog-Friendly Digging Area

Dogs don’t dig in spite of us or to make us angry. They do it because they think it is fun. Creating a dog-friendly digging area, like a sandbox, can let your pup enjoy his digging in peace without ruining your flowers or garden. Be sure to train your pet to dig in his/her designated area.

By taking the time to dog-proof your flowers and garden, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy watching them grow and flourish all summer long with no worries!

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