Avoid a Memorial Day Mishap with These Safety Tips for Your Dog

Most of us are looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend. Whether it’s camping, barbecuing, hitting up the pool, or simply enjoying three days of pure relaxation – it really is the perfect time to gather the family (pup included) and friends and welcome the unofficial start of summer.  But with all of the things going on, it is important to consider your pet’s safety. To avoid any Memorial Day mayhem, here are a few tips to protect your pup.


Protect Your Pet From Pests

Pests come out in full force this time of year and your dog is the prime candidate for them to pick on. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and plenty of other annoying bugs can be found in the forest, on your hike, or right outside your back door. Protect your pet with a flea and tick treatment, collar, or spray. This will control these pests and keep your pet healthy and safe.

Have a Blast Making a Splash

Not all dogs are made for the water.  If your dog can’t swim give them a life vest and gradually introduce them into the water.  This will help ease their nerves and make them feel more comfortable. Keep them at a close distance and be sure you know where they are at all times. Even the most expert doggy swimmers can get into serious trouble if they become exhausted or can’t maneuver their way out of the water.


Keep Them Close During Camping

Going camping is a dog’s dream. They love all the scents and sounds they get to experience while they are out in the wilderness. Pack all the necessities your dog will need for its weekend out in the wild with plenty of dog treats, food, and fresh drinking water.

Never leave your dog unattended during your trip. The wild animals, poisonous plants, and unknown terrain can become dangerous for you and your pup if they wind up somewhere they shouldn’t.

Beat the Heat

Most dogs love to be outside when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, but dogs don’t have the ability to sweat to stay cool like us humans. This can lead to overheating and dehydration if not careful. If you plan on spending time outside, provide plenty of shady areas for them to hang out and lots of fresh, drinking water. Some dogs, especially the flat-faced breeds, are more susceptible to overheating and need to be under a watchful eye if they are outside in hot temps. Some Signs of overheating include heavy panting, disorientation, vomiting, and glazed eyes.


Chill and Grill

Kicking off the season with a barbecue is definitely a must-do. Remember, the food and drinks we serve to our guests aren’t always good for our pets. Avocado, chocolate, and onions are common foods at a barbecue that are toxic to animals. Remind guests to keep their scraps away from the dog and make sure the adult beverages are kept in a safe place.

This Memorial Day make memories not mishaps with these safety tips for your pet. Happy Memorial Day!


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