Made in America: Meet the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very special breed. Not only is it one of the ten dogs that originated in America but its energy and spunk is few and far between. Anyone would be lucky to have a dog like the Boston Terrier, but not everyone knows how cute and loveable this breed actually is. If you are looking for a smaller breed with a lot of personality, falling in love with the Boston Terrier is a smart decision!

Boston Terrier with head cocked to the side

The Boston Terrier’s History

The Boston Terrier first originated in Boston, Massachusetts from a dog by the name of Judge. Judge was a cross between an English Bulldog and the now extinct White English Terrier. The Boston Terrier was originally around 44 pounds compared to the breed standard we see today of 15-25 pounds.

Believe it or not, the Boston Terrier (formerly Bull Terrier) was bred to be a pit-fighting dog. After this sport had become illegal in many states, its popularity as a fighting dog began to dissipate. Smaller dogs were bred with French Bulldogs until they reached their current smaller stature. Today, quite the opposite is true of this once “ferocious” breed. This pup is a lover, not a fighter.

In 1915, this breed became the most popular in the United States. Its popularity continued, and the Boston Terrier remained in top ten most admired breeds until the 1960s. According to the AKC, today this dog is the 23rd most popular breed.

running Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier: American Gentleman

The Boston Terrier is often called the “American Gentleman” because of his markings and gentle disposition. We know that the Boston Terrier looks dapper in his black and white tuxedo coat, but that’s not the only coloring this breed has. Brindle and seal with a white muzzle, face and chest are other common color variations for this breed and are the only colors acceptable by the AKC standard.

Boston Terriers are very easy to groom and maintain. Their short coats should be brushed weekly to help keep their coat shiny and to control their minimal shedding.

good view of Boston Terrier's coat

Boston Terriers Make Great Best Friends

The modern Boston Terrier was bred to be a companion and does a great job at it. This dog loves to be around people and is more than willing to lie on your lap or snuggle up to sleep by your side. They also love hanging out with kids and other pets too. If you are busy at work all day, finding your doggie another furry friend is something to consider since they enjoy a lot of interaction. But if you want this best friend all to yourself (we don’t blame you) then that’s okay too, as long as he gets a lot of hugs and kisses!

Boston Terrier looking up at the camera

These all-American dogs are the epitome of a true companion. Their playfulness, affection, and fun spirits make them so wildly popular. Boston Terriers are a joy to have around!

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