An Essential Checklist for Pet Owners With New Puppies

If you are a new pet owner or have just added a new furry member to your family, it is good to be prepared for your new arrival. Expert veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Andrews, has put together a checklist of some of the items you’ll need for your new puppy to feel right at home.

Here are some essential things you will need to prepare for your new puppy for the holidays.


Food and Water Bowls for Dogs

Ceramic or metal dog bowls are sturdy and don’t tip over too easily. These types of bowls, sized appropriately for your new pup, are also easily cleaned and hold up well.

Dog Collar, leash, and ID Tag

Be sure to keep a collar with an ID tag on your new pup at all times.

Dog Bed or Floor Cushion 

Choose something that can be easily washed, as your puppy is likely to have some accidents in their bed.

Healthy Puppy Food

Consult your veterinarian for a dietary recommendation for your new puppy.

Training Treats and Dental Treats for Dogs

Have some soft, chewable treats that can be used to reward your puppy during training. Some jerky treats and other dental dog treats are also good to keep handy for hungry pups.

Toys for Puppies

Have a lot of of puppy safe toys on hand to help keep your puppy’s need to chew satisfied and to help keep them from chewing on things they shouldn’t.

Puppy or Dog Crate 

A crate can be useful, not only as a potty training tool but also to provide a place of security for your new pup. These are also handy to use for safe transportation in the car if you happen to be traveling with pets.

Grooming Supplies for Dogs

Have puppy shampoo, combs, or brushes appropriate for your puppy’s coat and tools to keep nails trimmed. Start grooming early so your puppy becomes accustomed to it.

Puppy Pen or Baby Gate

There may be places you want to keep your puppy from entering or keep them confined to a specific area. A baby gate or puppy pen can help you to do this.

Odor Eliminator and Neutralizer

Your puppy will have potty accidents, especially in the first few weeks, so you want to be prepared to clean these appropriately. This will not only help prevent stains and odor in your home, but also help keep your puppy from having repeat accidents in the same area.

Whether your new puppy is a surprise gift or long-awaited new addition to the family, these will get your home prepared and ready for your new bundle of joy. Did you bring home a new feline family member as well? Take a look at some tips for a home with a new kitten.

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