Expert Tips for Applying Flea and Tick Treatment to Your Dogs

Flea and tick treatment for dogs is one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent fleas and ticks, especially during the height of the season. Applying flea and tick topical treatment is painless, quick, and fairly easy to do. While it is important to always use your treatment as directed by the instructions, these expert tips will also help you apply flea and tick treatment correctly.

Apply the Medication Between Your Dog’s Shoulder Blades
Before applying flea and tick treatment, find the area in between your pet’s shoulder blades. Hint, it’s those two bones below the neck. This is the best place to apply flea and tick treatment because it is in an area that is difficult for your pet to reach with his or her mouth.

Apply Flea and Tick Treatment Directly to Skin
In order to ensure that the medication is absorbed, it needs to be applied directly to the skin. Make sure you lift up their fur and expose the skin before applying.

Wash Your Hands After Applying Flea Treatment 
Even though flea and tick medication for dogs is safe, you never now if you will have a skin irritation from it. Make sure to wash your hands right after you apply the flea treatment.

For more application tips, watch our expert veterinarian Dr. Liz Andrews give tips for applying VetGuard Plus and other topical flea and tick treatments to get the most effective protection for your dog.

Remember, the best time to avoid fleas and ticks is before they become a problem so make sure to check your dogs for fleas and ticks regularly.

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