Five Dog Breeds That Make the Best Pets

With over 300 dog breeds that exist today, it can seem quite overwhelming when deciding on a new pet to adopt into to your family. Should you get a big or small dog? Working dog or terrier? Toy breed?

While many factors must be taken into account when choosing a pet, such as house size, whether you have kids or not, and how active you are, there are some breeds that are at the top of the list of dogs that make the best pets for a home.

That list is also very long, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five dog breeds that we believe make the best pets for most everyone. Take a look:


Charlie Browns best bud is an ideal dog for families with children. Beagles are smart, friendly, and very energetic. They are also very sturdy so when combining that with their high energy, they make great playmates with young kids who will likely wear out before they do. Beagles are loyal pack animals that also get along well with other animals so if you don’t mind a bit of high maintenance when it comes to brushing and bathing (they shed a lot), then this is a great family dog.


Retriever Web SquareRetriever

Both Labrador and Golden Retriever’s remain two of the most loved and most popular breeds for both pets and service animals. These canine Einstein’s are highly trainable and love nothing more than to please their human parents. Whether it is showing off a new trick, their fierce loyalty and protective nature, or simply their consistent loveable temperament, they always aim to please the pack. For a family with children of any age, there is hardly a better choice than a playful retriever with their joyful mood and never ending smile.


Pug Web SquarePug

These odd-looking but absolutely adorable small dogs make wonderful pets, especially for apartment-dwellers who want a dog that does not require a ton of exercise or outdoor time. Pugs are friendly and well-tempered dogs that are active enough to be fun but mellow enough to be the perfect lap dog. Small children are not a problem for this toy breed as they are actually quite sturdy. Plus, their tendency to snort and snore their way through life is a source of constant amusement.


Collie Web SquareCollie

One word: Lassie. Is there any dog better? Doubtful. Despite the beautiful breed’s high maintenance long coat, collies make one of the best pets for adults and families of all ages. They love nothing more than to make their humans happy. Collies are also extremely intelligent, love the outdoors, and are wonderfully gentle with kids. With a beautiful coat like they have, coupled with a love for the great outdoors, make sure to keep them up to date on their flea and tick treatment.


German Shepherd

The most popular working dog also makes one of the best pets for active families. German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and courageous breeds that exist. They are also famous for their tremendous loyalty, obedience, and eagerness to learn and be trained. While all of these traits ensure a well-trained pet, this social breed is also typically cheerful, playful, and good with kids, making them a fun-loving family companion as well.


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