Five Tips For Pet Safety During the Fall and Winter Months

136569039 (1)This time of year always brings about exciting holiday and family fun, but when caring for your favorite pets, it’s good to keep in mind how colder weather may affect your dog’s attitude and health.

As autumn and the winter season approach, helping your pups prepare for the upcoming changes in weather will keep them healthy, content, and able to join you in getting into the spirit of the season.

These five tips will help you and your family gear up for the season with healthy dogs and pets.

Wear Reflective Gear to Make Cars Aware During Daily Walks

The days keep getting shorter and the nights stretch longer. This means more of your daily walks with Fido, especially if your walk-the-dog ritual is before or after work, could mean more time spent in low or no sunlight. Keep safety a top priority and wear light and reflective gear on yourself and your pets while on the road. Reflective or light up collars and leashes can be found at local pet stores and will help keep both of you well lit in the dark.

Beware of Seasonal Choking Hazards

Dogs love to smell, touch, and eat a multitude of items when out for their daily walk. During the fall and winter months, there is extra debris falling from the trees and plants that can mess with your puppy’s health. Watch out for hazards among leave piles and snowdrifts such as sharp sticks, pine needles and pinecones. These items may be non-harmful for your dog to play with, but can potentially damage or puncture a dog’s intestinal tract if swallowed. Other harvest plants and seeds to watch out for include acorns, plums, and peach pits, as they can be toxic for your pets if ingested.

Keep the Sweets Away

With Halloween around the corner, thoughts of the kids on a weeklong sugar rush are enough to induce anxiety. Don’t add any more stress to the mix by making sure your furry family members are nowhere near the candy and chocolate that will be overflowing from their trick-or-treat bags. Chocolate can be very toxic to dogs and pets so ensure those bags of goodies are stored where they cannot dig into them. A fun (and much safer) way to celebrate Halloween with dogs is to have your kids help make a special dog friendly trick-or-treat bag for your pets. Pack it full of healthy treats and other natural pet snacks, delicious dental treats for dogs, and spooky Halloween pet toys.

Tips to Improve Dental Health and Teeth of Your Pets

See more tips for healthy teeth for your dogs 

Help Your Pets Have Healthy Winter Coats

In the early fall, pets begin shedding their summer coats to allow room for their winter coat. This transition can be a nuisance for pet parents and an annoyance for dogs that are not properly groomed. To avoid the pitfalls of this natural occurrence, make the time to brush your pets weekly, if not daily, depending on their shedding habits and fur. Getting your pets a professional winter grooming can also help with shedding and make way for a healthy, beautiful, and snuggle-worthy winter coat.

Make Your Indoors Extra Pet Friendly

Your dogs will spend more time indoors as the weather continues to chill. Prepping for more indoor time will ensure your furry family members stay happy, warm, and less likely to get “cabin fever” this season. Some extra indoor friendly toys, or a designated play area for dogs (if space permits), will help combat puppy boredom and anxiety. In addition, adding a blanket or extra pillow to your dog’s sleeping spot will ensure a winter-friendly bedtime.

Although pets have a natural defense against changes in weather, following these tips will make sure they are extra prepared for coming variations in temperature and will happily adapt with your family throughout the holiday months.


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