Five Tips For Taking Pictures of Your Pets Like a Pro

Dog and woman taking picture Everyone wants to capture that perfect photo of their dog but not everyone is successful at getting the perfect shot to show off to family and friends.

Between hyper pups who can’t sit still and uncertainty from human parents about how to take good photos, pet pictures can be some of the hardest to take.

Luckily it does not have to be difficult to get adorable pictures of your furry family members.  You can show off why your dog is the best pet in the world with a few easy-to-learn photo skills.

These five photography tips will help you snap that perfect dog photo in no time.

Find The Best Light

As you try to capture your pet’s personality, it’s always important to keep in mind a photo’s lighting. You wouldn’t want your favorite buddy to get lost in darkness or have his features overshadowed by harsh lighting. A common strategy to get picture-perfect lighting is to face your dog towards a window or the sun during the daytime.  The optimal time for the softest light is the closest to dusk or dawn as you can manage. This way, the sun’s natural light can amplify the shot and keep harsh shadows away.

smiling golden retriever Show Off Their Pearly Whites

There is nothing better than a candid shot of Fido showing off a fabulous smile. What’s not to love about an ear-to-floppy-ear grin? Dogs have the most photogenic smiles, just as long as their teeth are healthy, strong, and white. Get the best photos of your pets by making sure their smile is one in a million. Clean their teeth with regular brushing or with tasty Minties treats, which deep clean their teeth and will make your photos truly shine.

Make it Fun

Make photo shoots fun for your dog. Play a favorite game, throw their favorite toy, give them lots of tummy scratches, and watch as they associate photography with playtime and family fun. Making a pet photo shoot enjoyable for your pup will result in some fabulous dog pics that can capture personality and show why you love them oh-so-much.

beagle puppyStage the Shot and add Props

Pay attention to your photo’s background and what will be seen in the shot. Clearing clutter in your home as you set the stage for your dog’s photo shoot will ensure that your pup will be the main photo attraction— featured front and center. Additionally, adding props to your pet photography can offer a new perspective. Whether including a favorite toy or even a silly accessory, incorporating a prop can change a mundane photo into a prizewinner.

Shoot Quickly and Efficiently

While your favorite four-legged family member may make some perfect expressions, they’re rarely held for long. Make sure your camera or phone’s settings are set to capture photos at high speed, if possible. Some cameras even have settings to capture multiple photos with one quick click. Don’t over commit yourself or your pet to a long photo project. Being spontaneous and keeping it short will catch your pets off guard and can result in some precious photos that really show off their unique quirks.

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