Guter Hund! Introducing the German Shepherd

Dog German Shepherd Looking Into CameraYou may know the German Shepherd breed for chasing down criminals, leading the blind, and even serving in our military. They are also known for being highly intelligent, agile, and extremely loyal.

The German Shepherd carries the number two position for popularity on the American Kennel Club’s dog breeds list and is well-known for being the universal ideal canine. They not only make wonderful pets, but are also an ideal working dog. From service jobs, such as police units, crime investigators, and armed forces, to jobs that help people, such as guide dogs and therapy dogs, these wonderful pups can do it all.

Here are some facts about German Shepherds that will just make you love them even more (or at least peak your interest).

Where did the name German Shepherd come from?

This breed originated in 1899 in Germany and was originally bred to herd sheep, hence the name.

This Breed Works Hard and Plays Hard

German Shepherds live by the motto, “Work hard, play hard.” A versatile, independent and fearless working dog, it seems that the Shepherd has taken on dozens of jobs that even humans would not dare to do. Today, the German Shepherd serves in many ways including – police, search and rescue, army and sentry, scent discrimination, guides for the blind, and helpers for the disabled.

German Shepherds can become bored and restless, so look for ways to keep him or her occupied. Try an activity such as agility class, advanced obedience training, running, playing fetch, or even herding helps keep your shepherd mentally and physically happy and healthy. Staying inside all day or lying on the couch is less than ideal for the shepherd who needs and loves his exercise.

German Shepherds one of the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

This breed is considered to be the third most intelligent in the dog world, but some might argue that it deserves the top spot for its memory and trainability. Its retentive memory allows it to remember commands and tricks very quickly.

German Shepherds are Protectors by Nature

The confidence and courage of this breed make them excellent protectors, especially when they develop strong bonds (which they are notorious for) with their family and owners. It is important to understand how to handle this by providing training and socialization early on.

Four German shepherd puppies

German Shepherds Help Serve our Country

Today, the Army has more than 600 dog teams, which have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan aiding our armed forces. The Vietnam War deployed over 4,500 dogs—most being German Shepherds.

The German Shepherd is the standard breed for the armed forces due to being dependable, obedient, smart, and adaptable. These dogs make great gentle companions, but when their aggression levels are high, they can be just as intimidating as any equipped soldier. The average German shepherd’s bite can exert anywhere from 238 to 750 pounds of pressure making them ideal guard dogs when trained.

Hey, Good Looking!

The German Shepherd has a serious yet gentle look about them. With their long muzzles, pointed ears, and almond eyes, this breed is of dog may look daunting but is beautiful nonetheless. German Shepherds come in three different looks – shorthaired (sometimes called rough-coated), medium-haired and longhaired and are typically tan and black in color.

The German Shepherd seems to have it all—the looks, obedience, personality, and loyalty. It is no wonder they are wildly popular and make great companions!

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