“Happy Pawlidays” Survey Shows How Owners & Dogs Celebrate the Season

It wouldn’t be the holidays without your favorite dog by your side. Presents are great, cookies taste good, but your dog makes a house a home.

More than 900 dog owners took our annual “Happy Pawlidays” survey to tell us how they spend the holidays with their pets. We know each dog is unique, and we love talking about our pets as much as you do!

The majority (65 percent) of survey respondents said the friendly, cheerful Buddy the Elf reminded them the most of their dog. Dogs are known for their love and loyalty, just like the iconic character from “Elf.” Frosty, the famous, kind snowman, followed in second with 25 percent, while only 10 percent choosing the grouchy, green Grinch.

PetIQ Happy Pawlidays Survey 2016

Who’s that under the mistletoe? Sixty-one percent of respondents say they’d rather smooch their pooch under the festive greenery than their significant other. Every dog owner knows that a sign of affection from your favorite canine makes any day better.

Santa needs to stock his sleigh with lots of chew toys and tasty treats this season. More than two-thirds of respondents said their dog is definitely on Saint Nick’s “Nice List” this year. Only 24 percent said Fido made the “Naughty List.”

Holidays are for spending time with loved ones, and 35 percent of pet owners say this pastime is their dog’s favorite. Curling up in front of the fireplace and dashing through the snow nearly tied for second place, while 17 percent of respondents said chowing down on turkey and pie was their dog’s favorite winter activity. Whatever way your dog loves to spend the holidays, he’s sure to have a great time in the company of those who love him!

PetIQ Happy Pawlidays Survey 2016

That’s not barking you hear, its singing! “All I Want for Christmas is Bacon” is the tune that more than half of pet owners say their dog would be crooning. “Barkin’ around the Christmas Tree” and “Joy to the World” followed as most likely to be sung by merry canines.


However you celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year,” we hope that you and your dog have an unforgettable holiday.

PetIQ Happy Pawlidays Survey 2016

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