How Do Pill Pockets for Dogs Work?

How Do Pill Pockets for Dogs Work?When it comes to our four-legged friends, we all want to provide the best care that we can – but they don’t always make it easy! Caring for your pup can become particularly difficult if they need to take a medication in the form of a pill. Many dogs seem to be experts in spitting out pills and medications no matter how much peanut butter they’re covered in. That’s why VetIQ is proud to offer PillTreats, a pill pocket treat that makes it easier to feed your dog pills and tablets. But how exactly do dog pill pockets work?

How to Use Dog Pill Pockets

When used correctly, pill pockets can make it nearly effortless to feed your dog pills, helping to ensure your dog gets their proper medication. However, there’s one key step that many dog owners miss that prevents the pill pocket from being fully effective and allows your dog to still locate and spit out the pill – much to the consternation of a worried pet parent. With that in mind, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to using doggy pill pockets:

  • Use One Pill Per Pocket: First, keep in mind that for maximum effectiveness, you shouldn’t try to hide more than one pill in a single PillTreat. Doing so makes it more likely that your dog will be able to eat around them and spit them out, so make sure to use only one pill in each individual pocket.
  • Center the Pill in the Pocket: To conceal the pill, carefully insert the pill longways into the central hole of the pill pocket. You’ll want to get the pill centered within the pocket, such that neither end is sticking out from the pocket.
  • Pinch & Reshape the End: Here’s the part that many pet owners miss. Before feeding the treat to your dog, use your fingers to pinch the open ends of the pill pockets closed, reshaping them to completely cover the pill so it can’t be seen from the outside. This makes it much less likely that your dog will be able to spit out the pill.

So, there you have it! A simple, proven technique for using pill pockets to get your dog to take medication. Combined with a high-quality, delicious PillTreat, this method will turn pill time from an impossible battle to a treat your dog is genuinely excited for every day. Happy pill pocketing!

How Do Pill Pockets for Dogs Work?
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