How To Have a Beautiful Lawn, Even With A Dog!

ThinkstockPhotos-177755285 (1)Everyone knows a beautiful green lawn takes a ton of work. A lush carpet of grass in the front yard is the ultimate curb appeal. But if you’ve ever been your household’s Garden Master, you know how much maintenance the perfect lawn requires. And how much heartbreak can be caused when your dog destroys it in the blink of an eye.

There’s no question, having the perfect yard is something most of us hope to achieve. Who doesn’t want to have the prettiest house on the block? When you cohabitate with little fuzzy destructive forces, it can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.



Why Dogs Do So Much Damage To Your Green

The protein in your dog’s food breaks down in his belly, naturally creating nitrogen. All of this is fine and good, except that most fertilizers also contain nitrogen. The combination of dog piddle nitrogen with fertilizer nitrogen is too much for the grass, which creates those unsightly burn marks, or yellow/brown spots in the lawn.

Tips and Tricks For Keeping Burn Marks at Bay

Spray It Down

Soon after your dog does his thing, spray the area with the garden hose. If you don’t have a hose handy, a douse with a watering can, or splash from a cup will do just fine. It might seem a little extreme to follow your dog around rinsing away, but the water dilutes the urine and aids in keeping the grass green.

Make A Dog-Only “Potty Zone”

Create a dog-friendly area of your yard using mulch that works for your pet, or train your dog to find a spot in the yard that is out of plain sight by using healthy dog treats.

Make Sure Your Dog is Eating Healthy Treats and Food

A healthy diet of high-quality food and healthy treats ensures your dog is getting the proper amount of protein and isn’t producing an excessive amount of nitrogen. Note: you may want to consult with your vet before switching up your pup’s diet.

Keep Your Pooch Hydrated

Make sure your dog always has fresh water available at all times for optimum hydration. This is not only great for your lawn, but a good idea in general. Just like people, dogs benefit from staying properly hydrated.

Sure we love our lawns, and we love our pooches even more. Running after your canine buddies with a hose might seem like too much trouble, but you’ll say thank you the next time you’re enjoying your beautiful yard with your dog and your family!

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