How to Protect Your Dog From the Summer Heat

The sun’s out and you’re daydreaming about the beach. You might be enjoying the warm weather, but you don’t want your dog to suffer. It’s vital to make sure your dog stays cool during the hot months when dehydration and heat stroke are a threat. Here’s five ways to keep Fido cool.

protect your dog from the summer heat

Exercise Smartly

Exercise is still an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and happy, even with temperatures on the rise. Make sure to exercise your dog when it’s the coolest time of the day, in the morning or evening. Bring along enough water for the both of you to keep hydrated while hitting the pavement.

Protected Paws

Speaking of pavement, you’ll need to make sure that pavement isn’t boiling hot before your dog’s tender paws walk on it. Touch the pavement before starting your daily walk to see if the road is too hot. If it hurts your hand, it’ll hurt your pup’s paws. Invest in doggie booties if this is a constant concern.

protect your dog from the summer heat

Outdoor Living

If you have a dog that lives outdoors, then provide plenty of shade and water for during the day. An automatic dog waterer is a great investment that helps with hydration. Don’t be surprised if you find your pooch digging in the yard during the summer, dogs often dig down in search of cooler earth to lay on. Fill a cheap kiddie pool with water as a place where you pup can chill out.

Favorite Passenger

Never leave your dog in the car. Temperatures rise quickly in a car, even with the windows cracked, so you’re risking dehydration, organ failure, and death. Bring Fido along only when he can come inside with you, or leave him at home.

Cool Down

Keep a canine cool by spraying or wiping down the dog’s paws and belly with cold water. Even laying on a wet towel can provide quick relief. If you live in a hot climate or you have an outside dog, you might consider getting a cooling pad for your pup.

Your summer might be filled with flip-flops, sandy beaches, and fireworks, but don’t forget that man’s best friend might be sweltering. If you follow these five tips and keep an eye on your pup’s health, you’ll both be able to fully enjoy the dog days of summer.

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