Just How Healthy are Your Dog’s Teeth?

Pet Dental Month February Dog Dental Health

Your dog’s bad breath may be more than an annoyance—it’s often a sign of poor dental health. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, but dental health should be considered daily. While it’s true that VetIQ Minities are a great way to promote your dog’s overall dental health, here are some other steps to take to ensure your dog’s smile continues to shine.

Brush Up

Humans are the only ones who needs to brush your teeth – your pup could use a toothbrush too! But don’t try to use your of Crest on your dog’s pearly whites. Remember to use a pet specific toothpaste that is safe for canines. You also need to invest in a pet-friendly toothbrush, like this one offered by Pet Republique. Watch this helpful video for more tips from a veterinarian!

Warm Up

It may take a few tries to have your dog adjust to you brushing his teeth. Remember to be patient and use soothing tones, while you start by touching the outside of the mouth. Slowly get your dog used to you touching the gums and the outside of the teeth, before transitioning to a toothbrush. Reward your dog for good behavior with a delicious dental treat after each session.

Pet Dental Month February Dog Dental Health

Helpful Treats

Dental treats are a delicious way to promote dental health for your dog. VetIQ Minties help clean the teeth and control plaque and tartar just by chewing—your dog can help keep his own teeth clean! The dental bones contain natural ingredients that help freshen breath, such as peppermint, and are free of ingredients you don’t want, like wheat, gluten and corn.

Vet Visit

As with any health issue, a visit to the vet is a great place to start. If you are worried that Fido may have dental problems, or you want directions on brushing, schedule a veterinarian visit! Your vet will examine your pet’s teeth, and can show you what to look out for when you conduct your own examination.

Don’t only focus on oral health during National Pet Dental Month! Find a routine that works for you and your pup to keep those teeth healthy and clean.

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