Keep your Pets Safe This Halloween With These 5 Simple Tips

We all enjoy sharing the holidays with our pets. Halloween can be an especially fun time but we also want to make sure our pet’s stay safe too!  Our expert veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Andrews, has weighed in on ways you can keep your pets safe this season.

Take a look at these five smart and simple tips to make sure you and your pets have a spooktacular Halloween together.



Have Safe Halloween Treats For Your Pets on Hand

Halloween candy can make your pet sick so make sure to keep it completely out of reach of probing noses.  Have pet friendly treats like Minties Fresh treats or Betsy Farms Jerky Treats available for your dog. These are also great to hand out to trick-or-treating dogs that are out with the neighborhood kids.  If something happens and your pet does get into Halloween candy be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Make Sure Your Pet Has Identification and Keep Them Indoors if Possible

This is especially true for those of you who have black cats. Pets can easily slip outside while you are handing out candy to trick-or treaters so make sure they have on a collar with an ID tag just in case.  If you plan to trick-or-treat with your pet, make sure they have on a reflective or light up collar with their ID and are on a secure leash.

Dressing Up Your Pet Can be Great fun!  Just Make Sure They Enjoy it Too

If it stresses them out, then don’t dress up up your pets (no matter how cute they may look).  If they are dressed in costume, never leave a pet alone or unattended as they could ingest pieces of it or get caught up in it and be injured.  Make sure they have good vision and are able to move properly when they are in their Halloween gear to ensure there is nothing too tight or restrictive. Also, look for tight elastic that could cut off circulation or strangle a pet.

Use Halloween Decorations That Are Safe For Pets

Candles and Jack-o-lanterns can be easily turned over by startled pets or wagging tails, which can start a fire.  Low hanging decorations can be chewed and ingested.  Use caution when choosing how to decorate your home and try best to keep decorations out of the reach of your furry family.

Keep Your Pet’s Anxiety in Mind

If your pet is easily startled by the doorbell with guests coming and going, consider keeping them safe in a back room of the house with the door closed. You can also use a baby gate to keep them from running outside.  For those of you with really anxious pooches, consider keeping your pet at a favorite boarding facility for the night so they don’t become overly stressed.

These simple tips from expert vet Dr. Andrews can help make this Halloween the best one yet for you and your pets.

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