Large Dog Breeds That Make the Best Pets

You have seen which small dog breeds make the best pets, but our canine gentle giants deserve some time in the limelight. There are countless large dog breeds that make the best pets for different kinds of families. Whether you are looking for an activity partner, a guard dog, or just a new member of the family, these large dog breeds are the cream of the crop.


Collies are a very popular breed of large dog, not only for its obvious ties to classic literature and film, but also for its sharp mind and friendliness. This loyal pooch rarely shows signs of aggression—that is unless its owner is in need of protection. Equally fearless and gentle, the Collie makes families happy. Collies are highly trainable, gentle, intelligent, and well suited as pets. In fact, their tenderness and loyalty also make them highly compatible with children.

Collie Large dog breed pet

German Shepherd

There is a reason German Shepherds are the most popular breed of service dogs and K-9 units, they are incredibly smart and loyal. Shepherds bond well with people they know, especially the head of the household (or the police unit). Their loving demeanor complements their fierce loyalty and protective nature. With adequate training, these beautiful pups make excellent family pets.

Golden Retriever

One of the most popular breeds for families is this gentle giant. The Golden Retriever is kind, friendly, and confident. They make wonderful family pets and get along great with children. While other dogs make better guard dogs due to their distrust of strangers, Golden Retrievers tend to like everyone (even the mailman).

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There are many types of mastiffs: American, English, Alpine, Cane Corso, and many others. In general, Mastiffs tend to be calm and quiet dogs that are wonderful with children. They are loyal, loving, and not typically aggressive unless they are protecting their families.

Great Dane

A Great Dane the ultimate “gentle giant.” Don’t let their size fool you, these loveable pups are not only friendly to other dogs, but also love cats, children, and pretty much every human they encounter.

great dane

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are easy going, lovable, and highly intelligent. They have massive amounts of energy and need a lot of exercise, so do best in an active home. Labs are easy to please—happy to be part of the family’s daily activities and social life.


Rottweiler dogs are very devoted, obedient, and eager to work, making them another popular breed for police dogs and guard dogs. They have an inherent desire to protect their home and family, and also are intuitively very gentle and loving towards their family members. While the thought of a Rottweiler as a family might alarm some people, these dogs are a product of their environment, and aggressive dogs are typically the result of poor training and sadly, abuse. In the right home, Rottweilers make a wonderful and loving pet.

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Pit Bull

Like the Rottweiler and many other strong working breeds, Pit Bulls have an unfortunate reputation for making poor pets. Again, dogs are a product of their environment and, unfortunately, many strong and muscular dog breeds find themselves in bad environments. In truth, the Pit Bull is keenly intelligent, healthy, extremely loyal, and very kind. In a loving home environment, Pit Bulls are great with children, protective, and aim to please their human parents.

Many large dog breeds are a favorite pet or people to adopt into a home. With the right home environment, a loving family, and a good amount of exercise, bigger dogs are often the best kind of family pets to have. What are your favorite dog breeds?




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