Banish Stinky Breath This St. Patrick’s Day!


Saint Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland – and Minties treats from VetIQ will banish bad breath from your dog’s mouth! Minties treats are a healthy and delicious way to freshen your dog’s breath. But Minties are no one hit wonder! In addition to giving doggies minty fresh breath, these treats actually help clean their teeth too. In fact, Minties bones are vet recommended as part of a dental care routine for your dog.

Why are Minties treats so healthy? They’re made in the USA from ingredients sourced here at home, not overseas. You won’t find any artificial flavors or animal by-products in these treats. Minties bones are also wheat free, gluten free, soy free, and corn free.

Dogs often eat or chew on the strangest things! The unique shape and texture of Minties helps scrub your dog’s teeth clean of debris, food, and whatever else he got ahold of that day. Beyond that, the mechanical action of chewing on a Minties bone helps remove tough plaque and tartar, the cause of dental disease.

Even though we call them Minties, there are actually five different ingredients in Minties treats that help freshen your dog’s breath! Chlorophyll and parsley help to deodorize your dog from the inside out by breaking down odor-causing particles and balancing the acid levels in your dog’s stomach. Dill and fennel help inhibit bacterial growth, the cause of gingivitis.

Because Minties are not just good for your dog, but yummy too, we’re sure your pup will want to give you a big smooch to say thanks! And with Minties Treats, you’ll let him!

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