New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs

Happy New Year from VetIQ! At this time of year, everyone is thinking of their running-doghealthy resolutions, but don’t forget the dogs! Pet obesity is a more than cosmetic; it can lead to decreased mobility, joint problems, and other health issues. While you’re getting fit for the new year, bring your pup along with you on a journey to better health!

Dogs can make excellent running partners, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Start slow. If your dog isn’t used to running, start off by alternating walking and running for the same distance as your usual walk. You can gradually increase your distance, and start running more and walking less.

Listen for cues from your dog. Heavy panting and slowing down can be signs that you should slow down or do longer spurts of walking between runs. On the other hand, if your dog is jumping or tugging the leash, he may want to run for longer and walk less.

Watch the paws. After each run or walk, be sure to check your dog’s paws for signs of injury. Stick to paved pathways to avoid abrasions. If your dog’s pads are red or inflamed, slow down and check in with your vet.

Bring water. You get thirsty during a run, and so does your dog. Make sure to bring a pet water bottle or travel bowl so your dog can rehydrate.

Easy on the treats. You may be tempted to give your dog more treats as a reward for their hard work, but those treats can pack on the calories! Instead of treats, try using toys or playtime as a reward.

And of course, be sure to give your dog VetIQ Hip & Joint every day to support cartilage, help lubricate joints, and maintain the muscle surrounding joints.

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