Plan Ahead For Your Pet’s Dental Care


Pet care costs can mount up when major work needs to be done. While preventative care is the healthiest way to avoid costly vet bills, it’s always good to be prepared! Start saving for when your pet needs a teeth cleaning now so that you can get it done when your vet says it’s necessary.

By waiting on proper veterinary dental care, your pet’s teeth can worsen. This results in pain, infection, suffering, tooth decay and tooth loss– which can all potentially lead to other health problems for your pet.

Just like for your own health care, health insurance can also be a great investment for helping to take care of your pet’s teeth. Be sure to look for plans that do offer dental coverage. Ask your veterinarian what payment options they may offer in case the need arises. Many offer credit card options like Care Credit to pay for dental procedures for your pet.

You can add years to your pet’s life just through proper dental care! That means more years of unconditional love from your furry friend.

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