Reasons Why Dog Moms Make the Best Moms

With Mother’s Day coming up, we were thinking about some of our favorite moms– the dogs we love, of course! Behind every great dog is an awesome dog mom. After all, your dog’s mom was teaching him “how to dog” well before we came into the picture. Here are four reasons that perfectly illustrate why canine moms are the best moms.


4 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Moms

They Parent in Multiples


A dog can have as few as just one or two puppies or in some larger breeds a litter of ten or more! It’s tough work parenting all of those squirming, hungry mouths. And dog moms can’t call a sitter and head off for a spa day; she’s on duty 24/7. For the first week of a puppy’s life, he eats every two hours. For even a small or average size litter, that’s a lot of meals to produce! Not to mention all of the puppy washing she has to do. So many little puppy baths!

They Are Their Pups’ Eyes, Ears, and Legs!

Newborn puppies are pretty much helpless. Since dogs’ hearing and eyesight is so strong as adults, you might not realize they are born completely blind, and almost deaf. Their hearing and eyesight develops rapidly after they are born, but mama has to be their lookout in the beginning. Puppies are also unable to walk around by themselves. Guess who serves as chauffeur? Mom! Mother dogs “scruff” their puppies and carry them from place to place until they can walk.

Dog Moms are Teachers, Too!


A puppy’s education begins at birth, with mom as his teacher. The first lesson a puppy learns is that food is his number one priority. When a puppy finds the milk, mom shows him affection with nuzzles and licks to reward him for figuring out how to feed himself. Rewarding puppies for finding the milk encourages them to eat enough to grow big and strong, even if they are just Yorkies that will never grow more than three pounds. Mama dog doles out tough love to her little pupils as well. As soon as they are able to walk on their own, she stops carrying them. She has no qualms over a pup missing a meal because he wasn’t paying attention, too. Ouch! Lesson learned.

They’re Protective, Just Like Human Moms

While canine mothers may be tough on their kiddos, they’re also fiercely protective. The cuddliest dog can become a scary she-wolf if you get between her and her puppies. There are even cases of dogs risking their lives to save those of their pups. Some have done things like defending against much larger wild animals, or in the case of one dog in Chile, saving them from fires.

Is there anything sweeter than a mama dog and her puppies? Probably not. We’ve gone over a few of the reasons why dog mothers are such tough cookies. We’re sure this coming Mother’s Day you’ll want to take a moment to thank your favorite dog mom too.


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