Save Money with VetIQ Products

In a recent article call “Quality You Can Afford: VetIQ Provides Vet Recommended Generic Pet Medications,” shares a thorough overview of VetIQ products. The article urges readers to “stop paying high prices for your pet medications and wellness products,” and lists the full VetIQ product line, including VetGuard Plus, Minties, Hip & Joint chews, Vitamin Chews, Skin & Coat chews, Pill Treats, HeartShield Plus and TruProfin. The author lets readers know that the “tick population is going to explode in 2013,” and shares a photo of a tick on her own dog, as well as photos of the VetGuard Plus application process. Read the full article here. is a parenting site based in Akron, Ohio, that provides family-friendly recipes, products reviews, and activity suggestions for Ohio moms.

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