The Cutest Halloween Costumes for Dogs We’ve Ever Seen

Dogs are such kind, tolerant souls. The best example of their gentle nature and desire to please humans is Halloween. Year after year dog owners come up with the craziest ways to dress their doggies up for this holiday. All of these dogs deserve a pile of treats for putting up with our human nonsense, and we thank them for providing us with such cuteness and such laughs.

Bat Dog


A photo posted by @hendrixthefrenchbulldog on

With those ears, it’s plain to see why a French Bulldog makes an excellent Batdog. This fuzzy Dark Knight is ready to take off and soar into the night. All he’s missing is a bad guy to show who’s boss.

Waldo: Found


A photo posted by Alli (@allisonleighwalter) on

Looks like we found Waldo. This little Maltese is cuter than the guy in the books by a mile, though. And we bet he’d come when he’s called instead of getting lost all the time. Dogs are so much better than people.

Cat Dog?


A photo posted by 🔆June (@jstone9) on

This just doesn’t seem fair. People already make enough jokes about Pomeranians not being “real dogs” and you go and dress him like a cat? We’re not paying that therapy bill…

Yet Another Elsa Costume


Looks like everyone really is still dressing like Elsa. This dog doesn’t look too thrilled about being dressed up for Halloween. It’s ok pup, just let it go, let it goooooo

Black and White Issue


What’s black and white and embarrassed all over? This little mini Aussie. Give this guy an award!

Signed, Sealed


A photo posted by The Pets Cart (@thepetscart) on

This little sweetheart gets our seal of approval. We definitely wouldn’t make him jump through hoops to get treats on Halloween looking like that.



A photo posted by Luna (@lunapugdog) on

If a ladybug pug doesn’t melt your heart into a puddle of goo, we don’t know what will. Absolutely no chill–we lost our minds when we saw this adorable little pup.

Back to Business


Pretty sure he is yelling “I DESERVE A RAISE!” How about a Minties bone for that breath, pal? By the way have that TPS report turned in by Monday. Adulting is hard.

Bull Dog


Sometimes the best costume is a simple costume. This Bulldog is now a Bull-Dog. She still looks beautiful to us!

Rocket Man


A photo posted by Paul (@paulandoliver) on

Award for best incorporation of shame cone into a costume goes to…this rocket dog! If all rockets look like this, sign us up for space camp right now.

Happy Halloween from VetIQ!

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