The Puli Dog is a Lovable Breed with a Unique Look

The Puli breed is more than a dog with an unusual coat. This pup was initially bred in Hungary to herd sheep, but is also a loyal family dog that is ready to add affection and joy to your home.

Hungarian Puli Dog Breed Traits

A Member of the Family

Unless you happen to own sheep, you’re probably more interested in becoming a Puli owner for companionship than the dog’s amazing herding skills.

The Puli breed is well known for being a dog that loves people and is great with kids. Pulik (the plural form of Puli) are often used as a therapy dog due to the breed’s ability to sense the needs of the sick or elderly.

While the Puli is loyal to his family, this dog is suspicious of strangers and serves as a good watch dog. Focus on socializing your Puli while he’s young or enrolling him in puppy classes so that he develops the ability to be around outsiders.

One-of-a-Kind Coat

You may not recognize a Puli puppy when it’s first born as being a part of the distinct breed.

Puli puppies are born with short, crimped hair that grows into the corded locks by the end of the first year. The hair then has to be separated and corded by hand to achieve its dreadlock look. By the time the dog turns four, the hair has grown long enough to touch the floor.

While the unique coat of the Puli results in less shedding (which dog owners always love), the coat still requires a lot of maintenance.

Hungarian Puli Dog Breed Traits

Handle with Care

Most dog groomers won’t know how to care for corded dog hair like the Puli’s. You can choose to trim the thick mane, brush it out, or keep it in cords. If you leave the dog’s hair dreadlocked, then the cords must be separated often to release debris that can become trapped in the thick coat. Other Pulik owners will be able to provide tips and suggestions for how to groom your Puli.

Though the Puli is a beautiful, eye-catching dog, make sure to research the amount of care a Pulik coat requires before deciding to bring one home. While the Puli would be a great addition to any family, you want to ensure that you are ready for the upkeep that such a breed requires.

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