Dog Dental Health Tips From VetIQ

At VetIQ, we really love dogs. They’re loyal companions, showering us with unconditional love and endless affection, day after day. We understand that as a pet owner, you want your dog to live a happy and healthy life—and that includes dental health. In addition to our minties brand, we’re proud to offer the following tips on how to give your pet the best dental care to ensure he or she is comfortable and happy for years to come.

Regular Brushing

Just like humans, dogs are also prone to plaque buildup, bad breath, and tooth decay. That’s why regular toothbrushing is recommended to keep your dog’s dental health in top shape. Choose a toothbrush and toothpaste that is formulated specifically for dogs, and aim to brush your pet’s teeth on a regular basis. Daily is best, but weekly will do

A Healthy Diet

Your dog’s diet can affect his or her dental health in many ways, so make sure he or she eats a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich dog food. Even though it’s tempting to share your table food, keep this to a minimum—as high carb and high sugar foods are bad for your dog’s teeth. Specially formulated dry dog foods which don’t crumble easily can help clean away plaque as your pet chews.

Regular Dental Visits

Just as it’s important for you to visit your dentist regularly for checkups, it’s also the same for dogs. Dogs should receive a professional teeth cleaning and oral exam by the veterinarian at least once per year to maintain their health. This thorough cleaning will remove bacteria that has built up below the gum line, and the exam will identify any issues of decay and any necessary treatment options.

Dental Treats For Dogs

Dog dental treats are designed specifically to help maintain your pet’s oral health. The action of chewing helps wash away plaque and tartar, while your dog enjoys a delicious treat. Minties products are made with natural ingredients like peppermint, parsley, dill and fennel to promote fresh breath and reduce unpleasant odors. Plus each dental bone has a triple action formula to help clean teeth, promote fresh breath and help reduce plaque and tartar.While using treats alone does not eliminate the need for brushing, they go a long way toward fighting bad breath and promoting overall oral health.

Get More Tips & Try Our Vet Recommended Dog Dental Chews Today!

Taking care of your dog’s dental health doesn’t have to be a chore. With VetIQ, we make it easy. Find a store near you to pick up a bag of the best dog dental chews today. Your dog will thank you! Give your pet the care he or she deserves with our vet recommended dog dental chews. For more tips on improving your pet’s dental health, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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