Tips to Improve Dental Health and Teeth of Your Pets

Teddy Smiles with his Minties Dental TreatTaking care of your pet’s teeth is essential to dental health as well as overall pet health. Poor Dental care in dogs can not only lead to bad breath, but also contribute to many life-threatening diseases, such as heart and kidney disease in extreme cases.

Luckily, these small steps can help significantly improve the dental health and teeth of your pets. Start implementing these into your daily routine for your furry loved ones. Very soon, you will find that “doggy breath” is no longer bad breath and your pet’s overall dental health will have notably improved.

Daily Brushing

Yes, daily! Daily brushing may seem like a lot of work but it only takes a few minutes. Once you start, you will easily make it a habit. Start slowly and build up the frequency so your pet can get used to the brushing. Remember to also use pet-formulated toothpaste and specially formulated dental products.

Dental Treats

If you find you cannot brush your pet’s teeth every day, dental treats for dogs that are specifically designed to clean teeth and freshen breath are a great alternative. Pick treats that are easily digestible and made to prevent tarter build up and combat bad breath. Remember, dental treats for dog and pet health should also be nutritious and tasty for your pets.

Dental Cleaning From a Vet 

Once or twice a year you go to the dentist right? Well, so should your pets! Regular check ups and professional cleanings with your veterinarian can also help prevent or spot any dental issues before they become a problem.

Expert veterinarian Dr. Liz Andrews gives even more important information and tips to improve your pet’s pearly whites. Take a look.

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