Tips to Help Lower the Cost of Pet Care – Straight From the Vet  

We all love our pets and want to take the very best care of them but in today’s economy that is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Our expert veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Andrews, shares her insider knowledge with tips on how you can not only lower the cost of your pet’s care, but also help them live a longer and healthier life.

7 Ways to Lower the Cost of Caring For Your Pet


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Have Routine Examinations Performed For Your Pet

Don’t wait until there is a serious problem—an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Bringing your pet into the vet once to twice a year for a regular check-up can often detect problems before you pet is showing outward symptoms. Problems are often less costly to treat when caught early verses when your pet is seriously ill.

Take Care of Your Pet’s Teeth

Routine home care for your pet’s teeth, such as brushing and using dental treats like Minties from VetIQ is very important to make a habit. Coupled with regular checkups and cleanings, good home care can keep your pet from suffering pain, tooth decay, infections, and expensive dental work down the road.

Invest in Quality Pet Food

Your veterinarian is the best person with whom to discuss your pet’s diet as they have the training and knowledge to recommend a diet that is right for your pet’s life stage, weight, and health condition. Just like with people, a proper diet can add years to your pet’s life and can help to lessen the likelihood of diseases that can be expensive to treat. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, and pancreatitis (just to name a few), all of which can be costly to treat and manage.

Have Your Pet Groomed Regularly

Not only will regular grooming help remove excess hair, it also prevents hair mats and makes your pet feel good. In addition your groomer may notice early skin problems, ear problems, lumps and bumps, and other abnormalities earlier rather than later—lowering the cost of skin treatments that can cost more when treated late.

Invest in Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be an excellent way to deal with costly medical problems, accidents, illness, and long-term medical problems that you may not be able to afford otherwise. Trupanion offers one simple plan, and they cover 90%, and there is no payout limit.

Apply For Care

Care Credit is a credit card that can be used in many veterinary hospitals to pay for veterinary expenses. They have some great payment options that will save you in high-interest fees compared to other credit cards. You can apply directly on their website.

Ask For Help When You Need It

Sometimes things are out of our control and happen at the worst possible time. By consulting reputable online sources, pet owners can find valuable health tips that can save or significantly improve a pet’s life. Here are some great online helps to find money to pay for your pet’s care.

We hope that this short list will help make it a little easier to care for your furry friend!


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