Trick-or-Treat With These Healthy Halloween Treats For Pets

Cute Dalmatian in Halloween PumpkinThe Halloween countdown is underway, and with the festive night just around the corner it’s important for families to prepare for the throngs of costumed revelers that will soon grace their doorstep. Just make sure you don’t forget the four-legged trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Reward your family dog and the neighborhood canines with Halloween treats for donning fun and creative costumes. Once word spreads that you have Halloween dog treats, you can expect all the neighborhood pets to stop by and show off their Halloween ensembles.

Here are some healthy treats for your pets to share with the neighborhood on Halloween.

Dental Treats

A dog’s hygiene is important for every family, but what can easily be forgotten is their dental health. Not caring for your puppy’s teeth can result in bad breath, plaque, tartar formation, and tooth decay.

This Halloween, give your dogs a dental treat that simultaneously cleans teeth, freshens breath, and controls plaque and tartar. This way, the pups will have a healthy smile perfect for the inevitable photos people will snap of their creative costumes.

Skin and Coat Treats

While a Halloween costume will create spooktacular photos of your pet, a healthy coat and skin ensures the perfect pic. No pet wants a fantastic costume trumped by an unhealthy appearance or a dull coat. Give your dog treats that contain Omega-3 fatty acids—which have been shown to be important for skin and coat health.

Healthy dog treats that are a delicious snack as well as provide health benefits for your dog are a great solution for your Halloween treat selection and can ensure a shiny coat to create that perfect shot of their Halloween getup.

Homemade Treats

Creating your own homemade Halloween treats can be an enjoyable activity for the entire family. With a few simple ingredients, your family’s Halloween dog treats will offer a fun, hands-on experience for you and your kids while showing your pet and other four-legged trick-or-treaters how much you care.

Pumpkin baked treats can provide a healthy and tasty option, while incorporating every dog’s favorite peanut butter into a recipe will result in a puppy showing off their best trick as well as their cute Halloween costume to earn their delicious reward. Another fun choice, especially for those experiencing a Halloween heat wave, is to provide frozen homemade treats—perfect for dogs who have trekked all over the neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy treat selection for Halloween or to provide a reward from the heart, there are a lot of options available for your family to ensure that your pet and his best neighborhood buddies have as great of a trick-or-treating experience as your family is bound to have this Halloween

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