Unique Facts About Pugs That Prove a Pug Life is a Charmed Life

2015.04.16 pug smilingThey’ve starred in box-office hits, such as Men in Black, Pocahontas, and The Adventures of Milo and Otis. They run in celebrity circles among Gerard Butler, Jessica Alba, Kid Rock, and yes, even Queen Victoria. But most of all, they are known to have big personalities in a small body, and they act like a goofball at heart. What breed are we talking about? The Pug, of course. Here are some more interesting facts about Pugs.

Did You Know…

The Pug Has Ancient Lineage

History buffs speculate that the Pug has been around since 400 B.C. making them the oldest breed of dogs. Originating from China, they were bred to sit on the laps of Chinese Emperors, and their wrinkly faces resembled good luck symbols in Chinese.

Pugs Sleep an Average of 14 Hours Per Day

Jealous? Us too. These little cuddle bugs are true inside dogs and require minimal to moderate exercise—a 30 minute walk 1-2 times per day is ideal. Because of their short snouts, Pugs should be carefully monitored for wheezing or other signs of overexertion that could cause breathing problems. They also have a tendency to stress out and catch colds in extreme temperatures or humidity. This can be avoided by keeping your Pug indoors and comfortable. Pugs will also try to argue that dog treats help too.

Pugs are “Multum in Parvo”

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about Parvo, the virus. Multum in parvo is a Latin phrase that means “A lot of dog in a small space” and it’s often used to describe the Pug. While Pugs still qualify as a toy breed, they’re the largest of this group with a weight range of 14-20 pounds and a big personality. They’re short and stocky by nature, but they are also prone to obesity. Do they have to skip dessert? Nah—can you imagine a life without treats?! But just make sure you’re feeding your Pug healthy dog treats to keep his weight in check.

2015.04.16 black and fawn pugs

Who is Making All That Noise?

Part of what makes Pugs so cute is their flat, wrinkly faces and tiny snouts. But this is also the reason that Pugs wheeze, snort, grunt, and yes, snore. And they snore loudly. Is this a bad time to tell you that Pugs love to sleep next to their owners?

Meet the Class Clown: The Silly Pug

Pugs aren’t afraid to be silly. They won’t hold back from acting goofy. And they will do whatever it takes, whether it’s making a funny face, dancing around, or even a singing trick, as long as it gets the attention of their owners. Pugs thrive on human companionship—they were after all bred to be a lap dog—and they have an almost uncontrollable need for love. This happy-go-lucky dog breed has a personality guaranteed to make you smile. Whatever you do, just don’t give them the cold shoulder; the last thing you want is a heartsick Pug.

With their charming personalities, low maintenance attitudes, and love for kids, the Pug breed truly stands apart from the rest, and it’s clear why they have become one of the most beloved of all.

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