Vet-Approved Tricks to Give Your Pet Their Medication

Vet-Approved Tricks to Give Your Pet Their MedicationAs any dog owner knows, getting any dog to swallow a pill can seem like a Herculean task. From a dog’s perspective, it makes sense: their super-powerful noses are finely tuned to the various scents of delicious food, and to them, a capsule or tablet seems more like trash than food. Many dogs also seem to be experts at eating around a pill and spitting it out of any soft food you try to hide it in, making the process even more difficult. At VetIQ, our mission is to help dogs everywhere lead healthier, happier lives by providing high-quality dog health and wellness supplements. So to help out, here are a few vet-approved ticks you can use to give your pet their medication.

The Human Food Fakeout

One way to help dogs swallow pills is to use their own enthusiasm about eating that forbidden fruit – human food – against them. While you’re cooking or preparing a meal, throw a treat with the pill inside it on the floor “by accident.” Most dogs will be so excited to get a taste of what you’re eating that they’ll gobble it up hole, pill and all.

A Friendly Competition

If you have more than one dog in the house, you can use that to your advantage. Bring both your dogs together and start giving them treats, hiding one pill-filled treat in the mix. Dogs tend to eat faster in the presence of other dogs, and chances are, they won’t pay close attention to what’s in the food and will eat the pill without noticing it. Just remember not to try this one if you have a dog that’s food aggressive.

Use a Pill Pocket

But perhaps the easiest way to get a dog to take a pill is to use a treat that’s custom-made for the purpose: pill pockets. At VetIQ, we’ve created our Pill Treats for just this reason. They’re delicious, chicken-flavored dog treats made with a small tube in the middle, perfect for hiding a capsule or tablet without detection. Simply stick the pill into the Pill Treat, then feed it to your dog normally. They’ll be so excited about the all-natural chicken flavor that they won’t even know you’ve given them a pill!

Order Dog Pill Pockets Today

We hope these tips make it a little easier to give your dog medicine the next time they have to take a pill. As always, remember to be patient with your furry friend, as taking a pill is hardly an act that comes naturally to dogs or pets in general. If you’re ready to skip the drama and make pills easy, though, it might be time to pick up your own bag of VetIQ Pill Treats. Your dog will never look at pills the same way again – find a distributor near you today!

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