When to Start Giving Your Pet Hip & Joint Supplements

When to Start Giving Your Pet Hip & Joint SupplementsAt VetIQ, we’re proud to manufacture world-class pet health supplements to help dogs and cats all over the country live happier, healthier lives. One of our most popular products is our Maximum Strength Hip & Joint product, specially formulated to give dogs the nutrients they need to combat joint pain and build healthier, stronger joints. But as a pet owner, the best time to start a hip and joint supplement is often unclear. Wondering when you should start your pup on a dog hip and joint supplement? We’re here to help.

Signs of Joint Pain in Dogs

On one level, you should absolutely begin a supplement program if you notice your dog displaying any of the common signs of joint pain. These include:

  • Trouble standing up or sitting down
  • Trouble climbing stairs
  • Limping or favoring one leg over another
  • Excessive panting
  • Swelling in the joints

But the truth is, the first symptoms of joint pain aren’t the ideal time to start with supplements. In fact, the best time to start your dog on a hip & joint supplement may be right now.

No Time Like the Present

This comes down to the fact that joint pain starts when your dog loses the ability to produce sufficient proteins to keep their joints healthy and strong. This breakdown is a gradual process: as your dog ages, protein production slows and joints gradually get weaker. But the stronger the joints were in the first place, the more protection and buffer your dog has against joint problems.

Giving your pup joint supplements before any problems begin will help them build healthier, stronger joints over the course of their lifetime, providing even more protection against any eventual joint problems. Therefore, a joint supplement isn’t just something your dog should take in old age: rather, it should be a regular part of their supplement regimen, just like flea prevention, skin & coat vitamins, and any other medications your dog takes.

Try Our VetIQ Joint Vitamins for Dogs

Joint supplements are a great way to bolster the overall health of your dog and offer some protection against uncomfortable joint pain in old age, and it’s easy to make joint supplements a regular part of your dog’s routine. Ready to take the first step in improving your pup’s health and happiness for a lifetime? We make it easy: try our Hip & Joint supplements or our Hip & Joint Care Minties today!

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