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Glucosamine Dog Treats for Dog Joint Care

If your dog already loves Minties Dental Treats, consider Minties Hip & Joint Treats. This specially formulated product for dogs provides the same breath freshening and cleaning power as our original Minties, but also includes glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints and help your dog maintain mobility and joint health. Made with all-natural ingredients that are both delicious and easy for dogs to digest, Minties Hip & Joint Care Treats are free of wheat, soy, corn, added sugars and salts, artificial flavors, animal by-products, and, of course, gluten. Our Hip & Joint dental treats aren’t just delicious, they’re designed to help maintain fresh breath and support joint health so your dog can enjoy life.

A Better Hip & Joint Dog Treat


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With five natural breath fresheners (alfalfa, parsley, fennel, dill & peppermint) to freshen your dog’s breath.

Premium Joint Care Dog Treats

At some point, many of us experience the aches and pains of stiff and uncomfortable joints. It turns out, dogs can suffer from similar problems as they age making it harder for them to enjoy a run around the park, a game of fetch, or even an easy stroll around the neighborhood. Minties Hip & Joint Care Treats are made with glucosamine and chondroitin, two ingredients known to support joint health, to help keep dog joints healthy by lubricating sore joints and promoting healthy cartilage tissue. Best of all, we’ve packed them into an irresistible dog treat that Fido will enjoy – and that means more tail wags, more playtime, and more happy, healthy years for your furry friend.


We’re committed to providing vet-recommended products that support every aspect of your pet’s health, right down to every last ingredient. That’s why we proudly manufacture Minties Hip & Joint Care Treats with all natural ingredients and no unnecessary additives. It’s also why we manufacture all VetIQ products right here in America – so we can stand behind the quality of every dog treat with 100% confidence.

  • Quality – Same quality of products veterinarians recommend
  • Effectiveness – Ingredients proved effective
  • Made in USA – Ingredients sourced and products manufactured in America

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Your pet deserves the best, and that means freedom from sore, aching joints and limited mobility. Give your dog the gift of healthier joints and a better life: find a retailer near you today!

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