About Us

We Provide Quality Medication And Supplements For Your Pet at prices you can afford.

Our Mission

VetIQ® Provides quality medication and supplements for your pet at prices you can afford. We desire to provide the best information possible so that you can make informed decisions for your pet.

Each VetIQ® product site provides information relevant for that particular health need. Or if you have a question that isn’t answered on the site, you can email us or give us a call and we’re happy to assist.

Product Development

In developing best-in-class products, VetIQ® uses state-of-the-art research facilities and technologies. In addition to our current products featured throughout this website, new pet healthcare products are currently under development. More information will be shared as products become available.

Manufacturing Standards

VetIQ® is committed to the highest standards of product quality and safety at our manufacturing sites. We cooperate with technical and regulatory authorities in every stage of the production process and require strict adherence to health, safety, quality control, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance procedures.

Our Products

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